Global ForexTrading

Due to the fact that the markets are available to everybody 24 hours a day, with internet connection, your laptop, computer, or even 3G enabled cell phone, one can actually trade from anywhere in the world.
The markets are open 24 hours a day

Round the clock trading gives the trader the opportunity to trade within any time zone around the world.

The currency market is a 24-hour market. As a trader, this allows you to react to favourable/unfavourable events by trading immediately. It also gives traders the added flexibility of determining their trading day.

If you add all the volume on all the stock exchanges in the world, it would still not get close to the volume on the Forex markets. Volume ensures that a trader will never be stuck with a position – if you want to buy there will be sellers and if you want to sell there will be buyers.In excess of 3 trillion USD gets traded on a daily basis, this is more than all the other speculative markets put together and with more than 120 currency pairs available for trading daily, it has a huge potential for day traders.